Q & A about tickets and the show 
    You are buying a ticket for a great dinner and a fun time. Be ready to laugh, hiss, boo and interact with the characters!
   Your ticket price includes the meal, show, tax & gratuity - hey, that's a deal!
   Your homemade meal will be served around 6:30 and consist of BBQ ribs, baked potato & toppings, Texas beans (darn, they're good!), cole slaw (ditto), cheesy biscuit, plus ice tea, lemonade and water.
   At intermission, you will be served homemade apple crisp (yummy) with a scoop of ice cream.
   The cole slaw and beans will be served family style; you will get a plate of ribs and baked potato.
   We will have a bar available to purchase wine, cocktails and beer. No buying beer for the MC that night (said no one ever).

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YOU CAN CHOOSE YOUR OWN SEATS OR CHOOSE "BEST AVAILABLE ..which puts you closer to the stage!

Tickets are non-refundable but who would want to miss this thing, anyway?

Having an Event or Occasion?

A funny thing happened when we started doing summer dinner theatre 3 years ago...people brought groups and celebrated birthdays and bachlorette parties and anniversaries and...maybe there was a divorce in there, too.

We will try to embarass the guest of, I mean, we will recognize the special occasion.

Also, when purchasing tickets, the tables seat either 6 or 8. When you buy tickets for a group, go to the "choose your own seats" option. You will see a lay-out of the venue.

Then select a table and it will show you seats available at that table. Choose as many as you want and then stick the bill with the guest of honor. Er....hold it, that wouldn't be nice!