The first thing you may ask yourself is why we call ourselves a "troupe."

This is because our mission is not only to produce professional-quality theatre in and around Fergus Falls, but to help others fulfill their own theatrical dreams. We are open to ideas and offer our expertise, props, sets, perhaps even acting. We've volunteered many times!

A few productions we've been involved with as The Funtastics, or early on as the Theatre Geeks, are featured. But the company really took off when we helped create the summer stock dinner theatre at Elmer's Texas Barbeque in 2014 (we started planning for the first summer season nine months earlier!) 

The list of productions we have been involved with as writers, actors, directors or assistants is crazy long. That's what happens when you get old!

Laura Johnson and Rick Schara remain as co-owners of the Fergus Falls Funtastics Theatre Troupe. Above, they are joined by Debbie Kaminski-Horak, who was so helpful in getting the Elmer's melodramas off to a great start!

You never know where the Funtastics will appear! Here they are performing an audience interactive fairy tale story...think of Madlibs on steroids! 

We asked and you gave us feedback! Here are some quotes from our customers!!

"I liked the actor's ability to ad-lib on the spot. Each performance was a big original - just exactly like live entertainment should be. If the audience wants each performance to be the same, the people should put on a CD." MQ from BL.

"The best stage comedy in the area! We'll be back!" Rick from Camp Hill, PA

"Fun, light humor with non-pressure audience participation. Very cleverly done!"

"We had a blast! Great productions, awesome food, good company, amazing actors!  GS from Wadena

"We have a lot of local area talents and it is great to get to see them perform in a place so close to where we live, work and play, and for a price that is very affordable."

"Wow! My husband and I enjoyed everything so much that we told everyone about how much fun we had!! It was funny, the adlibs from the audience made it even more hilarious!"

"Hissing good fun!"

"I don't think you would find a better deal for your money anywhere."