Interested in becoming a member of the Funtastics? Have an idea for a show? Let's talk!

Right now we don't know the future of our summer melodrama season...but that won't stop us from exploring other venues and shows!

The 2018 Summer Melodrama Dinner Theatre is....well, we don't know right now. Chances are we won't be producing any shows out there, but we'll know for sure in early spring. 

In the meantime, we pride ourselves on helping others with their shows or providing opportunities for people to act out!

Do you have a "pop-up theatre" idea, a place that could have a theatrical show? Maybe a restaurant that's looking to spice up the menu? Maybe you have written a show...especially melodramas! 

We welcome anyone to sit down with us over a cup of coffee and discuss the possibilities. That's how two restaurants now have added dinner theatre to their menu!
Elmer's Texas Barbeque has been our summer melodrama home...but a fire in 2017 makes the 2018 season doubtful...darn!